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Benefits of the toeic tests:

For Corporations:

• Make high-stakes recruitment and promotion decisions with confidence
• Standardize English Proficiency for different positions domestically and global
• Train individuals to communicate internationally for global expansion
• Develop a talent pool of English proficient employees

For Institutions:

• Accurately place and classify students
• Develop English Proficiency standards for graduating students
• Evaluate the effectiveness and provide guidance for the current curriculum
• Best prepare students with a strong tool to enter the workforce

For Students and Future Employees:

• Seek better employment opportunities
• Prove English Proficiency using the most widely used certificate around the world
• Gain promotion opportunities
• Self evaluation after English training courses


The TOEIC® Listening and Reading test measures the everyday English skills needed to work in an international environment by simulating real-life situations that are relevant to the global workplace. It is the world’s most popular English assessment for the workplace, and it is recognized around the world as the global standard in English-language proficiency testing. Your local ETS Preferred Associate can help identify English proficiency levels, administer and score tests, and provide on-demand support.

Listening Section

• Test takers listen to short passages in English and answer a variety of questions:
• Photographs, question-response, conversations, talks
• 100 questions
• Test time: 45 minutes

Reading Section

• Test takers read materials and respond to questions based on item content:
• Incomplete sentences, text completion, reading passages
• 100 questions
• Test time: 75 minutes

TOEIC Speaking and Writing

The TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests are trusted worldwide to provide an accurate assessment of an individual’s ability to communicate in spoken and written English in the workplace. Each test is scored by multiple people to ensure fair and objective results, and test evaluators are monitored daily to ensure they are prepared to meet the highest-quality standards. Your local ETS Preferred Associate can help identify English proficiency levels, administer tests, and provide on-demand support.

Speaking Test

• Test takers respond verbally to a spoken or written prompt
• 11 questions
• Test time: 20 minutes

Writing Test

• Test takers respond in writing to a written prompt
• 8 questions
• Test time: 60 minutes