• Using the TOEFL ITP® tests
    for your students today
    can help you shape their tomorrow
    The TOEFL ITP® Assessment Series for your classroom

Their tomorrow starts today

Your English-language program is an international student’s first step toward a more promising future. So anything you can do to strengthen their skills will help them on this path. The TOEFL ITP tests give you access to the renowned methodology of the TOEFL test right in your classroom . They let you pinpoint the areas in which your students need help, so you can tailor your teaching to meet those needs. And knowing your students’ English skill levels better today gives them the best chance for success tomorrow.

The power of the TOEFL® test in your classroom

The classroom is where it all happens. The TOEFL ITP® Assessment Series gives you real insight into your students’ performance so you can shape their tomorrow and help them succeed.

Why the TOEFL ITP tests are the best choice for your students’ future

Convenient to use

Aordable at any quantity

Flexible scheduling for any size group

Quick score turnaround

Proven track record: reliable and accurate

Targeted results that identify areas for improvement

Designed to meet your testing needs and preferences

The TOEFL ITP program was developed to meet the demand from institutions and teachers for a convenient, affordable and reliable method to evaluate the students and curricula of existing English language learning programs. The TOEFL ITP assessments share the same rich heritage as the TOEFL® test — the world’s most widely accepted and respected English-language assessment. The two tests are to be used for separate purposes and administered differently. The TOEFL test is a high-stakes exam administered by ETS for institutions to make high-stakes decisions, such as student admissions. TOEFL ITP tests are administered locally by institutions or ETS Preferred Network offices and can be used for a range of defined purposes.

7 ways you can use the TOEFL ITP tests in your classroom

The TOEFL ITP tests measure core English skills using academic content similar to what is used in actual classroom tasks. This makes the tests an essential tool for:
1. Placement in intensive English-language programs requiring academic English proficiency at a college or graduate level.
2. Progress monitoring in English-language programs stressing academic English proficiency.
3. Exiting English-language programs by demonstrating proficiency in English listening and reading.
4. Admissions to short-term, non-degree programs in English-speaking countries where the sending and receiving institutions agree to use ITP scores.
5. Admissions to undergraduate and graduate degree programs in non-English speaking countries where English is not the dominant form of instruction.
6. Admissions and placement in collaborative international degree programs where English-language training will be a feature of the program.
7. Scholarship programs , as contributing documentation for academic English proficiency.

TOEFL ITP scores should not be used in place of TOEFL iBT® scores.